Two days to go and it’s Christmas! All of us are eager to have a great holiday vacation this holiday season. But do you have an idea where to spend your Christmas holiday break?Fret not, we’ve got you covered! Located just next to Batu Layar Beach, a beautifully decorated and colorful resort will definitely give you a memorable stay!



Feel the cool sea breeze blowing in from the water and get close to nature!

Take a rest and relax in a colorful triangular house that can brighten anyone’s day. Let the chalets splash color to your life! It may not be a luxury hotel, but you will absolutely have an unforgettable vacation. This resort is perfect for lovers, families, groups, or for those who want to spend time alone and have some “me” time. You can walk along the beach, enjoy the cool sea breeze and admire the peaceful and beautiful surrounding.

How about scrumptious barbecue? Yes, you can have it here!




Stay in Batu Layar Resort for a relaxing break.



Aside from the beautiful and quiet place, and simple yet wonderful chalets, the resort offers affordable rates. If you want the air-conditioned chalets, you only need to pay RM95.00 per day, and RM80.00 per day if you will stay at a chalet with no air-con.

Invite your family or friends and enjoy the holidays!

Location: 13, Pusat Bandar, Bandar Penawar, 81900, Kota Tinggi

Contact No.: 07-822 2044 / 017-740 4773