Wanna have some unique and tasty cakes from local bakers, yet the choices around you are limited? No worries! There are more than 1200 premium cakes, including designer and customized cakes for you to choose from on Eat Cake Today! 

Eat Cake Today is offering cake delivery service and there are a variety types of cakes such as biscuits, brownies, cheesecakes, fondant buttercream beauties, gluten-free, loafs, mille crepe, pavlova, pies, tarts, vegan dairy free, customized cake, mooncakes and so much more! There are also halal certified bakers hence Muslims could shop for cakes on Eat Cake Today too!

Cake selections on the website are categorized by types of cake and deliveries minimum processing time requirements, such as 4-hours options, 1-day options, 2-days options and even 3-days options. Besides, cakes price start from RM48 each which is affordable for most people.


[ Birthday Cakes ]

Just realized that your girlfriend’s birthday is coming yet there’s not much time left? Have a sudden desire to wallow in a deliciously decadent cake?  Don’t fred, Eat Cake Today provides same day delivery, which the cakes could be delivered to your doorstep within 4 hours. Eat Cake Today deliver within Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru with delivery charges base on distance. It’s like Grab only for cakes! 


[ Festival Cakes ]

Besides, we all know that cakes aren’t just for birthdays! Eat Cake Today provides festival cakes as well! No matter it’s Christmas, New Year, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Ramadhan, Deepavali or even Halloween, you could always find the right cake to celebrate festivals!


[ Corporate Gifting ]

Moreover, a sweet treat would always make a sweet impression in your workplace or corporate events! You could order a huge variety of desserts or gifts for your customers, employees or partners simply from Eat Cake Today without hassle!


[ 5 Must Try Cakes ]

Getting intense cake cravings after seeing all these tasty cakes and desserts, yet having choices difficulty? We know it’s hard for you to pick your perfect cake from over 1200+ premium cakes! Here’s 5 must try cakes for you, it’s time to have some sweet treats!


1. Best Selling Mille Crepe Cake

If you’re a Mille crepe enthusiast, you would definitely love this! Whipped cream, different fillings, chopped nuts, and nibbling seasonings are sprinkled between the layers, providing a delicious assortment of textures with each mouthful.


2. Chocolate Banana Cake

Is banana and chocolate a good combination? The answer is always “YES!’’. Dark chocolate, with its bitter-sweet taste, serves to balance off particularly sweet fruits like bananas. 


3. Mango Cheesecake

When mango and cheese combined, they create a dessert that is both soothing and elegant!


4. Pandan Layer Cake

For those whoprefer a light and fluffy flavour, this Pandan Layer Cake is your perfect choice!


5. Salted Caramel Cheesecake

If you prefer something creamy and sweet, this salted caramel cheesecake would be the best dessert for your afternoon tea!


[ How to Purchase Online]

1.Visit Eat Cake Today’s website at www.eatcaketoday.com

2.Select your choice of cakes by sorting Types of cakes or Deliveries by minimum processing time or search by key words such as Salted Caramel or Chocolate.

3.Select Delivery Date, Delivery Time, Quantity number of cake(s), and fill in Message on cake and Message on cake.

4.Select number of Candles and fill in all the details and click “Add to Cart” icon.

5.Double check your Shopping Basket item(s), delivery date and delivery time, and “tick” I agree with terms of service and click “Checkout” icon.

6.To complete the order, fill in Customer Information, Shipping Method, and complete the Payment Method.

Other than cakes, Eat Cake Today also offering add on such as balloon and flower bouquet, and Chocolate. You could get your friends or family a surprise easily on Eat Cake Today with these add on! 

What’re you waiting for? It’s time to Eat Cake Today!

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