White shoes has never been out of style.

No wonder, most people, regardless of gender, love this kind of shoes.

What a brand new white shoes look like.

Let’s admit it, the maintenance of white shoes surely gives headache!

Fret not! We’re here to save you from white-shoe-problem! Here are simple tips on how to maintain your shoes!

So your shoes can have a brand new look!


Spray waterproof and antifouling agents

Keep the insides of your shoes away from water vapor, dirt and any kinds of materials that make your shoes to have foul odor. How? Just spray a waterproof and antifouling agents on the outside of the shoes. This also makes dirt to be removed easily.

Magic cleaning sponge

This magic cleaning sponge is used in getting rid of dirt from the shoes. The sponge needs to be cut into small pieces before dipping in a small amount of water. However, magic cleaning sponge can only be applied to the rubber material in the shoes.

Remove the laces when cleaning the shoes

Admit it or not, there are many people who are too lazy to remove the laces when cleaning the shoes. But please, you should for shoes must be open in order to clean the inside. It is also recommended to just throw the laces on the washing machine or simply wash it manually.

Washing detergent, warm water and hard brush

Clean white shoes? You just need a warm water, detergent soap and unused toothbrush! Evenly add detergent soap into the warm water and gently brush the dirty portion using a toothbrush. And tada… dirty shoes will turned into a spotless white shoes!

Baking soda and white vinegar

If you don’t want to spend much on cleaning materials, the alternatives can be easily found in the kitchen! Just look for baking soda powder and white vinegar. Mix these two and dip a clean paper towel into it. Then, gently wipe the towel into the dirty part of the shoe.

Do not put white shoes into the washing machine!

Even if you think shoes can just be thrown into the washing machine, it is strongly recommended not to! It might get cleaned but the design might as well get ruined. And you don’t want that to happen, right?