How much has the pandemic affected us? The recent pandemic has brought the  ‘new normal’ to our lives as we see our country implemented a Movement Control Order (MCO) beginning of this year, resulting in school closures and so do other educational institutions. During the lockdown, the learning has to continue so most of the institutions had to resort to online e-learning and that’s when we realised the need of advancing our education infrastructure. While we are still recuperating from this wave, schools are expected to reopen back in stages during this Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) and this might be the perfect timing to introduce Smart Classroom with the help of JOI® Smartboard.


What is JOI® Smartboard?

JOI® Smartboard is an interactive white panel powered by the most advanced Intel® Core™ Processor that can be used to replace traditional boards to digital. Teachers are able to touch the screen using fingers or an electronic pen. Moreso, you can also draw, open multimedia files like videos to make the class more interesting and students can fully understand the lesson. 


1. Dual Systems – Android and Windows 10

Teachers are able to choose which operating system they will use for their lessons — Android or Windows 10. Whichever comes in handy, these two operating systems work perfectly with JOI® Smartboard. It can also backup all the data saved during class to avoid any hassle and for future references.


2. “Recording mode”

Another unique feature of JOI® Smartboard is its ability to browse the web and take screen recordings. This feature can be utilized by teachers to make every lesson more fun and understandable for students. The students will be able to see vivid visuals and examples as the lesson happens, they are able to grasp every detail of the lecture and increase their knowledge.


3. Connect any device quickly and easily

Another good thing about JOI® Smartboard is it supports seamless connection for 3 operating systems namely Windows, Android, and iOS! All laptops and smartphones can be connected to it smoothly and without any hassle! Students can use this function when they need to share a presentation in class using only their iPads or other mobile gadgets. How convenient is that!  Switching to lessons, notes, and exams is now made easier too!


4. More effective than other teaching tools

Whether you’re teaching math, chemistry, or arts, you can use this board to present your lessons more quickly and systematize in a way that will stir your students’ attention and have better understanding! Teachers can now erase, write, change font, mirror, or emphasize a certain topic using this e-board. Moreover, it also has a screenshot feature where teachers can take a photo and present it to class later on during the discussion to add comments and more. This is indeed a practical teaching tool for teachers!


JOI® Smartboard now offers leasing and installment programs of up to 36 months! Pay for as low as RM370 per month with no hidden charges! On top of that, there will be additional free gifts for customers as an added incentive, available for limited time until 26th Sept 2020 only. This tool is not only designed to improve the education infrastructure but also to enhance the connection and communication between the teachers and students for more collaborative learning.If you want to learn more about this program, you may visit their official website and sign up your interest!


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