Even though most of us now are trying to go back to our normal lives, that doesn’t mean we no longer need to take extra precautions. Our country will still be under RMCO until the 31st of December. In addition to wearing face mask and practice social distancing, some institutions are now implementing home-based work setups. To help you keep up with the demanding new normal, a good laptop will surely come in handy! And now, SNS Network is in collaboration with Intel®️ that comes with “Stay Safe with Intel®️” campaign happening until the 30th of September! Now with selected purchase of Intel®️ Core™️ powered laptops, you’ll be getting a special offer of a box of complimentary disposable face mask & knitted mask!



Featuring the powerful, fastest and reliable of Intel®️ Core™️ 8th – 10th generation processors which can work for up to 8 hours straight producing high-definition visuals with high-speed working processors and connections that are perfect for movie streaming and playing games smoothly!



And as mentioned, for those who purchase Intel®️ Core™️ i3 and i5 will enjoy a complimentary box of 50 pieces 3-layer disposable masks! And for anyone who purchases an Intel®️ Core™️ i7 will be receiving an additional of customized knitted mask! Check out their promo in town that will help your education and work more convenient this season.



To those who wish to buy a brand new computer shouldn’t miss this promotion! Go to the nearest stores or visit the link below to get yours today! Let’s stay safe, stay vigilant and combat the pandemic together!


Stay Safe With Intel®️

Date: Now until 30th September 2020

Branches: https://bit.ly/341UDHR

Purchase Link: www.gloo.com.my / https://shopee.com.my/gloostore / https://www.lazada.com.my/shop/gloo-store/ / www.itworld.com.my / https://www.lazada.com.my/shop/itworld/ / www.nbplaza.com.my / https://www.lazada.com.my/shop/nbp-store/ / https://shopee.com.my/nbpstore