For a woman, beauty and health are the key ingredients towards living a happy life, however, having both at the same time seems to be a challenge— especially to women who went through the crucial phase of pregnancy.

From the moment a child starts to develop in your womb to the time you give birth, there’s a lot of drastic changes that can happen to your body. Every mother has known how challenging it is to maintain beauty and health, internally and externally. Not to mention the working habits that unknowingly affect the physical appearance— constant use of the computer, desktop works, sitting or standing for a long period, and such.

In addition to the changes in figure, another thing that a woman can experience once they gave birth is the terrible postpartum sequelae such as breast deformation, stretch marks, loose and big belly, diastasis recti, pelvis expansion, looseness of private part, urine incontinence, unpleasant sex life, back pain, and also pelvis floor muscle relaxation, and so on. While giving birth can be an extraordinary and fulfilling experience, a woman will indeed be caught off guard with all these unfamiliar changes. All the physical and psychological changes will not fully recover in a blink of an eye, but it even exists forever.


YINEE Posture Management • Your companion towards beauty and health!

Good news! YINEE Posture Management, a center that provides extensive beauty and health care to every woman here.

This health and beauty center has been around for 4 years now. It started operating in Malaysia in 2017 and now it has 7 physical stores all over Malaysia (including Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Penang) and Singapore.


Meet to solve the common problem of most woman

As mentioned earlier, women experience drastic changes as a result of pregnancy. Common changes that YINEE Posture Management aims to meet are postpartum pelvis enlarged, looseness of the private part, urinary incontinence, sagging buttocks, etc.


Trinity Royal Package • A must-have after pregnancy

This package is perfect for those women who want to get back or be in better shape. Trinity Royal Package includes three (3) treatments that target your pelvis, stomach muscles, and rib cage.


– Signature Pelvis & Vaginal Tightening

Many women suffer from looseness of pelvic muscles and vaginal tissues after childbirth which is why YINEE offers this treatment to help reduce the size of your hips and wide pelvis. The pelvis deformation also can happen even if you’re not pregnant. It can be caused by poor posture in our daily habits, and lead to poor blood circulation, edema of the face, cold limbs, reduced body metabolism. A 30 minutes of Signature Pelvis and Vaginal Tightening adjustment can guarantee at least 3cm to 5cm smaller, in only one adjustment. 

– Diastasis Recti Correction

A study shows that up to 60% of women may experience diastasis recti (or partial or complete separation of the rectus abdominis, or “six-pack” muscles) during pregnancy or after child birth. To help women get back their lost confidence after pregnancy, Diastasis Recti Correction is the key! This specialized treatment tightens the stomach muscles, retrieves the A4 waist, and also relieves waist pain.

– Rib Cage Adjustment

In order to accommodate the growing uterus during pregnancy, the rib cage expands, and may not return to how it was before the pregnancy. This is where Rib Cage Adjustment comes into play. It restores the waistline in a short time, and at the same time shrinks the stomach pouch to reduce appetite.


Guaranteed result of Trinity Royal Package

A 60-minute painless freehand treatment not only offers a couple of results but a number of guaranteed results in one adjustment!

✔ Narrows pelvic measurement 

✔ Narrows hipbone 

✔ Narrows Pubic (Rejuvenate vagina) 

✔ Firm hips 

✔ Create a waistline 

✔ Repair of uterine prolapse 

✔ Improve menstrual disorders 

✔ Improve gynecological diseases

✔ Improve leakage of urine 

✔ Relieves menopausal symptoms 

✔ Uneven pelvis 

✔ Pelvis tilt forward 

✔ Pelvis tilt backward 

✔ Pelvis rotate 

✔ Improve protrusion of the thigh-bone 

✔ Improve elephant legs 


Other extensive care provided are as follow:

– Scoliosis Correction

– Rounded Shoulder Humpback Correction

– Signature V Face

– Face Features Adjustment

– Belly Fat Reduction

– Hallux Valgus

– Breast Shaping Massage

– Waist Slimming & Ovary Care Treatment

– Shoulder Adjustment

– Buttocks Lifting

– Accessory Breasts

– Cervical Spondylosis Correction

– Shoulder Uneven Correction

– Pelvis Rotation

– Leg Length Discrepancy

– Posture Management of Children & Adolescents (6-18 years old)

– O / X Shaped Leg

– V Face Shaping

– Rhinoplasty

– Smile Lines

– Cervical Stripe

– Swan Neck Deformity

– Neck Hump Adjustment

Collar Bone Sculpted

– Body Weight Control

– Stretchmark Treatment

– Facial Rejuvenation


Rounded Shoulder Humpback Correction

Poor sitting posture is the norm for modern people. It may be caused by habits from our daily activities, such as sitting at a desk all day, looking down at a smartphone, lounging on a couch, slouching when standing. People start to have humpback problems at a young age, it may affect their growth and health. Fortunately, humpbacks caused by poor posture can be easily corrected by YINEE’s Rounded Shoulder Humpback Correction. The results will definitely show an obvious effect, with only one adjustment!


Also provides posture management for Children and Adolescents (6-18 years old)

YINEE Posture Management is not only designed for women (especially those who have undergone the pregnancy stage) but also provides extensive posture care to children and adolescents aged 6-18.

Whether you have a kid with age between 6-18,  who are usually with their electronic devices or are showing signs of posture problem (due to incorrect sitting/standing posture), getting them posture care is indeed a smart choice.


Osteopathic Reshaping • Guaranteed safe and no side effects

Osteopathic Reshaping is a treatment with a combination of power and aesthetics. At YINEE Posture Management, the reshaping is performed with the bare hands-on face or body. It does not move the bones at all— it follows the muscles’ direction and helps stiff muscles relieve and reposition the misplaced bones.


Performed by well-trained freehand skilled therapists

YINEE Posture Management is the largest professional team in using Freehand Technique in Johor Bahru and Singapore. In  2019, Yinee Wellness Sdn. Bhd. was proudly awarded “Consumers’ Choice International Recognition — Platinum Status”.

The therapists of YINEE Posture Management are guaranteed well-trained and can restore your beauty from head to toe and solve your physical body problems with immediate results. As a matter of fact, with more than 4 years of experience, YINEE has helped over 10k women with their posture and pelvis problems.

You can ease your mind that no scalpels, equipment, injections are used— only freehand techniques. Therefore, 100% safe without side effects, and pain. Guaranteed immediate and visible results.


Wishing to restore your beauty and keep a healthy figure— inside and out? YINEE Posture Management provides high-quality services that are guaranteed 100% safe and effective!


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