Over the years, Seremban dog shelter has adopted more than 200 stray dogs. Unfortunately, the shelter is now facing a crucial situation due to public complaints and economic misfortunes. Today, there are about 200 dogs from the shelter ready for adoption. If these adorable furry pets won’t be able to find new home, they might face “euthanasia”.

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The shelter location and it’s problem

The shelter is situated in the rear of a Thai restaurant. The owner of the shelter is a 59 year old Thai woman named Linda, who also owns the restaurant. The fund she uses to raise the shelter was from the restaurant and people who donate foods for the dogs. Sadly, the restaurant income decreases rapidly as well as the donations the shelter receives.

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Alternative way to supply the needs of the dogs

Housing 200 dogs is not as easy as a pie. Around $8,000 is needed for the monthly expenses of the dogs, and $8,000 is a no joke amount. To lessen the expenses, Linda wakes up everyday to collect lettuce from garbage. She cooks the lettuce along with offal, meat and rice and serve it to the dogs. There are times that she receives verbal abuse for picking lettuce but she try to keep an open mind for the betterment of dogs.

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The shelter and restaurant conflict

Because of the fact that the shelter is on the rear portion of the restaurant, many refuse to eat at the restaurant. For the record, the restaurant and shelter are completely separated from each other and there are no health issues recorded at the restaurant. It’s completely clean and safe.

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Unfateful outcome for the helpless stray dogs

If these dogs will not get adopted, they possible face “euthanasia”. Euthanasia is an act of mercy killing. It is extremely painful for Linda, but she was left with no choice.


Are you kind enough to give one or two of these charming pets a new home and keep them alive? If so, you may call Linda (011-11818648).