To kick off the incredible celebration of Jameson and Dickies ‘Crafted Together’, Jameson Malaysia was going all out  to provide a memorable event at REXKL last Friday. The event was huge, everyone could get together and enjoy the fantastic music and the wonderful drinks. The vibe inside REXKL is seriously buzzing, and it was going with the awesome bar feeling. There are certain places they lit up with neon lights on the walls, setting the perfect mood. 

DJ who ‘drop the beat’

Let me tell you this, the DJ line-up is just amazing!! Everyone had been prepared for the electrifying beats of Lapsap, the soulful tunes of Jovynn, the groove master Ashley Lau, and the one and only Mr Lang spinning the decks. It was so cool~ everyone in the house is totally vibing with the tunes, sipping on drinks while the DJs are dropping those absolute bangers. How can you not be getting hyped up, right?

Jameson x Dickies Limited Edition bottles

There’s a lot of excitement that happens in the event. While the participants were immersed  in the music and tasting those delicious drinks, they  had the chance to snag a limited-edition Jameson x Dickies bottle as their collection as well. Those Jameson limited-edition bottles are placed in various Instagram-worthy locations, you can also snap some pictures of it. They were selling the limited edition bottle at the same time. you can savour the limited edition whisky, after a few cups of that rich and potent taste, you will feel pumped up immediately.

Mark your name on Jameson x Dickies tote bag

That’s not all, participants who attend the event can get a personalised Jameson x Dickies tote bag,  you can put your own name on  it. This way, it becomes uniquely yours! Click-click, you can even take this tote bag to the photo spots and snap some awesome Instagram-worthy pics!

Hotspot for Instagram-worthy shots

there’s a ton of picture-perfect spots here,  cool area where they’ve used ladders as a backdrop and hung some tote bags as decoration like this – perfect for snapping pics.  They had displayed the Jameson x Dickies collab clothes and pants as well, where you can get  some cool shots. Oh, and don’t miss the neon lights area. Seriously, every corner here is a background waiting to be captured!

⚠ Please Drink Responsibly. This is for non-Muslim who are 21 & above only.

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