As a parent, your child’s development is one of the best and sweet achievements in life. The development can be seen in different aspects: physical, cognitive, and social, which all depends on how your child is nurtured.

The human brain is mainly divided into two hemispheres: the left brain and the right brain. The left side of the brain is mainly responsible for human rationality, language, writing, analysis, and other functions, and most of these abilities are gradually replaced by AI technology. On the other hand, the right brain, which is responsible for more abstract and intuitive things like excellent creativity, leadership, and even positive energy, has become an urgent part of people’s learning.

0-4 years is the golden age of right brain development · Enhances future learning ability

One of the most important factors every parent (especially new parent) should know is the period between 0-4 years is the golden age for developing the right brain. Effective development can stimulate the right brain power of children which enhances their future learning ability. In this point, enrolling your child to the brain development school is crucial. One of which is HEGL or Heguru, an international school for whole brain development which came to Malaysia to set up its first overseas branch in 2009. At present, Heguru will be celebrating its 10th year anniversary this year, 2019. Through the years, the professional training courses and excellent instructors of Heguru Education Center have successfully cultivated thousands of outstanding students.

Heguru Education Center · An international brand for developing the child’s brain

International and world’s leading whole brain development school, Heguru, has been existing for over 30 years and is now the largest right brain development school in Japan with more than 40 centres in 13 countries worldwide, including Singapore, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Australia.

It is important to take note that the Heguru Education Center located in Mid Valley is the first overseas branch of Heguru.

Feature 1: Enhance children’s concentration, creativity, memory and literary, and unwrap the hidden talents

Children are always full of curiosity whereas there many factors that can quickly distract their attention. The Heguru Education Center, which has long-term educational practice experience, believes that cultivating the children’s concentration and absorbance power are important in their learning journey. In addition, Heguru also focuses on bringing out the hidden talent of every child. As a matter of fact, Heguru offers development programs that can expand the brain capacity and improve the learning abilities of the children.

Feature 2: Cultivate children’s self-learning which has greater effects than of passive learning

Heguru Education Center focuses on cultivating children’s independent learning and self-absorption. Also, the world’s leading brain development school, Heguru, also found that strengthening children’s self-learning skills is most effective during early childhood education.

Feature 3: Utilizes high-quality materials and makes the class lively and interesting

The world’s leading whole brain development school uses high-quality materials which follow the standards of the HEGL Japan. With this, children’s potential, confidence, EQ, and thinking skills can effectively develop. As a matter of fact, Heguru uses a chain memory lessons to help children remember, flash card which activates the right brain, logical thinking activities, mathematics concept, rhythmic activities and imaginary training. There are over 50 different activities that are structured at a fast pace to develop the right brain and self-learning of the children.

In addition, in order to keep the attention of the children, Heguru class is conducted in a fun and lively learning method.

Provides a variety of child development classes based on age group

Aside from right brain development, Heguru Education Center also offers a variety of child development programs that focus on different objective for different age group. These include Infant and Toddler Class (0-3 years old), Preschool Class (4-6 years old) and Elementary Class (7 years old and above). Children before the age of 4 mainly rely on knowledge absorption. To this end, children between the ages of 2-4 are focused on nurturing the children’s concentration and listening skills. Between the ages of 4-6, children start to learn how to think and express their opinions. During this range of age, Heguru Education Center hones the children’s independence by encouraging them to interact with others. While children over 6 years old, Heguru values the children’s ideas and creativity by allowing them to express their own ideas and opinions.

Each class has two (2) designated teachers, who regularly go to Japan for training

In order to maintain a good learning environment for children, there are two (2) teachers assigned in each class. The teachers will regularly undergo training at HEGL Japan in order to ensure the effectiveness of the programme is well delivered to the children.

For parents who are looking for the best brain development school for their children, Heguru has many centres located around the world which has remarkably produced many outstanding children. The Heguru Education Center in Malaysia has a team of highly qualified teachers with a high level of knowledge, enthusiasm, and patience. As a matter of fact, in 2017, the Heguru Education Center in Malaysia has been awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification.

At the same time, the Heguru branch in Malaysia has been awarded the “Best Right Brain Development Programmed” by Baby Talk + Mama Papa Readers Choice Award 2016. Take note, it has been happening for three consecutive years. So, if you’re looking for a trusted brain development school, HEGL should be your top choice!

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